A fun way to develop knowledge and skills related to the impact of alcohol and other drugs on driving.

An opportunity to contribute to building a healthier community.

Your Brain In A Car

See what your brain does when
you try to drive home impaired by
cannabis, alcohol,
emphetamines, energy
drinks, and more...

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What's Your Line?

This little personality test is meant to get you thinking about the kinds of choices you make and how
you prefer to handle
some situations.

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Your Social Circle

See who you can count on
based on the qualities
of your friends,
your acquaintances,
and adults in your social

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Distractive Driving

We're all in this together once we get
behind the wheel. Take a look at
what's happening in some
of those other cars...

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Creative Genius

TV ads, radio spots, posters and
FAME! FAME! FAME! Spread the word
about Drugs & Driving to
win big prizes and maybe
save some lives.

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Good to Go?

Take a fun quiz to see how drugs,
alcohol or emotions
affect your driving.
Animations show
impairments in action.

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